Our Approach

The improvement of the environmental performances of a large public organization depends on its own awareness of the different sustainability dimensions; in particular it's necessary a virtuous arrangement among initiatives promoted by the Governance of the organization and the individual habitudes of everyone who live everyday the organization. The UniToGO Working Groups adopt both top-down and bottom-up approaches: they work out the structural intervention proposals focused to the Governance and they organize engagement initiatives for the entire community of the University of Turin starting from the students' engagement. At the same time, the Working Groups constantly interact with local organizations, the local public administration, in order to co-planning the environmental policies.

The Working Groups accept critics and proactive contributions of everyone, in and out the Unito community.

Three complementary levels


Build a common knowledge from state-of-art literatures and researches, with particular attention to best practices from other sustainable Universities and Campuses, in Italy and in Europe. These activities provides students' engagement in thesis activities, internships and specific laboratories and workshops.


Plan of structural interventions, in a medium-long term, with a necessary large budget and a complex technical design and planning time (for instance the building renovation for energy efficiency improvement, planning the recycling or the sutainable mobility at urban scale). Soft interventions, in the short-medium term, with lowest budget and a easier technical design and planning time (for instance the renovation of the lighting with more efficient LED, the improvement of existing recycling trashes or a engagement and communication plan). Administrative interventions, in the short term without any cost for the university, in order to improve the bureaucracy and the management of the University exploting OpenData, Internet of Thing solutions and the most innovative technologies.

Engagement, Third Mission and Communication

Develop Network with other national and international sustainable Universities in order to improve and develop future European research projects (for instance Horizon 20-20-20) on sustainability. Communicate constantly every initiatives throughout the web sites, the social network and scientific publications. Organize engagement and networking events, in order to create profitable synergies among internal and external stakeholders, call for idea and projects and thesis and research awards.