1st southern europe
green office summit

30 May - 2 June 2018
Turin, Italy

Deadline: 30 April 2018

UniToGO, GreenTO, its supporting student NGO, and Polito Green Team are proud to announce that Turin will host the first Southern European Green Office Summit from 30 May till 2 June 2018 . We are joining forces with rootAbility, a non-profit social business supporting students and staff to advance sustainability within their institutions, who co-hosted the previous Green Office Summits.

The aim of this summit is to explore how to adapt the Green Office (GO) model to diverse contexts, especially in Southern Europe, to bridge the gap between Northern European models and Southern European sustainability initiatives. As the first Green Office in Italy and in Southern Europe, UniToGO is gaining substantial momentum, implementing a growing number of sustainability actions. This summit will be a breakthrough for the GO model to spread in Italy and Southern Europe.

The program will primarily focus on supporting students, staff and academics interested in becoming sustainability change-makers in their institutions. GO experts and GO alumni will share their knowledge and experience and participants will be equipped with the tools and methods they need to adapt, design and set up a Green Office in their own institutions. The summit will also be a great opportunity to share knowledge and perspectives on sustainability in higher education and the role of universities in the implementation of SDGs. Sustainability experts will organise interactive workshops and participants will be encouraged to contribute with their own ideas and experiences.

The participation fee will be around € 100 (partially funded by UniToGO and GreenTo) and will cover accommodation and board as well as local transport expenses and learning materials.

The planning and organisation of the event is ongoing – save the date and stay tuned for updates!



Students and professionals interested in participating may fill in this form to apply:




What is a Green Office?

A Green Office is a platform that empowers the wider university community to act on sustainability. It also embeds sustainable practices in education, research, and operations. The first Green Office was established at Maastricht University in 2010 by RootAbility, a little NGO. Since then, the model has been replicated by universities across Europe, and won the UNESCO-Japan Prize on Education for Sustainable Development. The model is open-source – you can adapt and improve it to suit your needs.


What is RootAbility?

A non-profit social business, building a movement of students and staff who mobilize institutional support for sustainability projects and initiatives in higher education.


What can I learn during the meeting?

Basically, this meeting is focused on how to set up a Green Office Initiative at your university for institutions at their first step towards environmental sustainability and on how to empower sustainability initiatives for institutions with already established Green Offices or other Sustainability centers/offices/hubs.

Moreover, during this summit there will be seminars and workshops on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nation, as well as on Climate Change and on how to plan efficient environmental campaign and initiatives.

I'm not a student, can I participate?

Yes, off course.
If you are a young Ph.D. candidate, a technical/administrative staff, as well as a researcher you can join the summit.

Will Subscription fee cover everything?

The subscription fee will cover accommodation (2 nights), meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), local transport and learning materials.
Travelling expenses (train/bus/flight tickets, fuel, etc.) from your hometown to Turin are not included in the fee.