Who we Are

About Us

GreenUnito is a Web Platform, an hub of every initiatives about sustainability fo the University of Turin.
GreenUnito wants to speed up and improve the transition towards a Green World, starting first of all, from our comunity and our University. In order to reach the UE green politics, such as the 20-20-20 program our approach is based on several real and pragmatic actions which can improve directly the environmental sustainability and can quickly decrease the green-house-gas emissions in a short-medium time period.

UniToGO (Unito GreenOffice) is the new Hub for the Sustainability: in order to reach the University target " Increasing the social, economic and environmental responsibility of the University of Turin" of the strategic GuideLines 2016-2020, UniToGo has been set up.
UniToGo will lead, coordinate and promote every activities and initiatives about environmental sustainability within the University of Turin.

Unito Green Office

What is It?

An Interdisciplinary Network for sustainability

UniToGO is the new "office" of the University of Turin for environmental sustainability.

UniToGO is an interdisciplinary network composed by Professors, Researcher, technical and administrative staff and students with the purpose of analysing and promoting sustainable strategic plan for the University of Turin

UniToGO is the main promotor of the "Environmental Sustainability Action Plan" (ESAP), a strategic 5 years plan for the University of Turin

The Structure

An open Governance for environmental initiatives


The structure works among the strategic plan of the University Governance and the thematic Working Groups (WG), with the purpose of developing researches and concrete actions within different fields. Coordinated by the Environmental CEO of the University of Turin, by the Communication and the Simplification CEO and several Director of the Contracts, assets and Logistics Technical Direction, UniToGO is based on three main components:

  • Management: includes some Director of the CentralDirection and the Energy Manager. The Management has the technical and aministrative skills necessary to develope and realize every initiative: from the bureaucratic up to the tecnical skills.

  • Academic Staff: includes professors and researchers from several different fields with complementary roles: Unesco Chair in sustainable development and local region management. The Academic Staff will lead the researches and will link together the Department, the Working Group and the Unesco Chair.

  • Communication and Engagement: includes students representatives, a delegate of the Sustainability Report, and a communication and marketing manager. This group will lead all the dissemination initiative.

A Complex network of relations


Internal Relations aim

  • developing the strategic target of the University of Turin: concrete and pragmatic actions and tools.

  • help and promote the internal communication about work in progress projects and initiatives.

  • improve the skills of the technical and administrative staff as well as the academic staff.

  • coordinate the activities and investigate possible synergies among the different working groups.

  • improve the connection between research activities and the university management.

  • Engage the students within the projects

External relation aims
  • improve the University sustainability and the visibility of any virtuous action.

  • Help and create a virtuous networking among other sustainable Universities (Best practices interchange).

  • work together with the public institutions and the active local NGOs.

Working Groups

The Working Groups have the following aims and purposes:

  1. Energy: improvement of energy efficiency and the reduction of GreenHouseGases Emissions.

  2. Green Public Procurement (GPP): improvement of the green purchasing within the University.

  3. Mobility: enhancement of the sustainable mobility for technical staff, academic staff and students.

  4. Waste: spreading over the whole university waste recycling and best practices for waste cycle management policy.

  5. Food: enrichment of the food quality dealt out within the University.

Our Values


Directly with all the people interested in sustainability and with who everyday lives the university.


Every useful DataSet, like electrical and heating consumptions, area, volume, number of users for each building, and so on, will be gradually released.

Interdisciplinary Views

Every succesfull plan needs creativity and different point of view. Our group includes people from physicist, to sociologist, from engineering to economist.

Environmental sustainability

Every next action, every future research will have the aim to improve the environmental sustainability of the University of Turin, from the Green-House-Gases decreasing to sensitizing everyone, from the green purchasing to a better transport system.

Our Mission

Make Aware the final user

From professors up to students, to co-working and to the best practices for a more sustainable university.

Developing a network

Researcher, professor, any type of stakeholder, within the University and private enterprise in the city of Turin interested in sustainability and in green politics.

Constant tutorship

For all departments who wants to start any type of maintenance work in order to improve the energy efficiency.

Environmentally-friend high-tech solutions

Internet-Of-things for real time monitoring, OpenData for sensitizing people and co-design new solutions, renewable energy systems, and so on.