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About Us

The Green Public Procurement (GPP) Working Group main aim is to develop an action plan in order to promote and stimulate green purchasing within the University of Turin. The public Administrations (PA), with their supplying choices, have an important role to stimulate the market: favouring low environmental impact purchasing, the PAs boost the green innovative technologies spreading. Moreover, in more general term, PAs can contribute to the sustainable development.

The Green Public Procurement Working Group, since 2014, with the birth of the Green Public Procurement Project of the City of Turin, constantly inspects its own green purchasing and propose workshop and educational conference for the administrative and academic staffs. The Green Economy Law (2015) will strongly stimulate green purchasing practices.

The Green Public Procurement Working Group, looking for best practices at local, national and international scale, actively promotes the GPP network. Moreover, in collaboration with Arpa Piemonte and the City of Turin, it will organize training workshop for administrative employees with a dual aim: update employees on new laws and detect a new way to monitor all data about green purchasing.

The Group is open to any proposal, positive or negative, from the Unito communitiy or from the local stakeholders.


Prof. Egidio Dansero (Culture, Politics and Society Department)

Dr. Marcella Cusimano (Contracts, assets and Logistics Technical Direction)

Dr. Jacopo Fresta (Economics and Statistics Department)

Work In Progress Projects

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