Learn To Act

Luigi Einaudi

Transparency and co-design is a unique word.

It’s impossible to think to change our habitude, to improve our behavior and, maybe, to reduce the induced pollution of our everyday action without any type of knowledge.

Our first action is to release all type of data regarding the consumption of the University of Study of Turin, in order to stimulate the debate, the awareness and the knowledge.

Openness and Democracy is another single word.

It doesn't exist any social control without knowledge. Everyone has the right and need to check for himself/herself the real situation within he/she lives.

Our apporach consist to sensitize and involve everyone in an open-management of the University.

Research and Experimentation

What if Management students can directly work on real data and management problem?
What if Physics students can analyze the real situation of our energetic plant?
What if sociologists, Economists, IT researcher, and so on, work all together on real dataset and issues of the University?


Here, DataSet such as, Heating (Gas) and cooling consumption, Area, Volume, height of the building, User (Student, researcher, professor and technical staff), technical plan and any type of data available, will be gradually released.