Sustainable Mobility
Working Group

"Bicycling is a big part of the future.
It has to be.
There's something wrong
with a society that drives a car
to workout in a gym."

William Sanford

About Us

The Sustainable Mobility Working Group main aim is to develop a mobility action plan in order to promote and stimulate the sustainable transport (public transport, bike and car sharing, car pooing), from and to the 120 sites of the University of Turin spread alla round the City of Turin.

The Sustainable Mobility Working Group, in order to propose concrete action and project – in the short and long term, without any cost, or with an increasing finacial and administrative complexity – actually under construction, will take into account best practices developed in Italy, and more in general in Union Europe and it will start with a large scale survey about the accessibility to all the sites of the University of Turin, in order to focus on the real necessity of every user (professors, researchers, staffs and students) within the University. At the same time, the Mobility WG will organize any type of engagement initiatives in order to detect the priority fields of intervention. Moreover, it will detect a local stakeholder network, from public institutions to local NGO, and it will cooperate, at national scale, with the University Mobility Manager Network.

The Group is open to any proposal, positive or negative, from the Unito communitiy or from the local stakeholders.


Prof Andrea Scagni ( Statistics Economics Cognetti de Martiis Department)

Dr. Sandro Petruzzi (Mobility Manager)

Dr. Alessia Soluri (Contracts, assets and Logistics Technical Direction)

Dr. Micol Maggiolini (Department of Culture, Politics and Society)

Work In Progress Projects

News coming very soon!