Working Group

Measure what is measurable,
and make measurable
what is not so.

Galileo Galilei

About Us

The Energy Working Group, born in 2014, steadily monitors the energy consumption and has developed the Energetic Plan of the University of Turin with the aim to reduce the primary energy consumption, to improve the building energy efficiency, to reduce the energy leakage, to increase the renewable energy production, to plan the energy balance and to release all available data.

The Energy Working Group, moreover, in collaboration with several private enterprises and startups of the City of Turin, has worked on the ComfortSense research project, with three first pilot test within the Campus Luigi Einaudi, the physics department and the management school. ComfortSense is an Internet of Thing project with the aim to improve the building energy efficiency and the people indoor Comfort. Finally, the Energy Working Group, has organized several engagement initiatives to engage both staff and students of the University.

The Energy Working Group main aim is to continue the developing of the Energy Plan and to propose further concrete actions able to improve the energy efficiency: from the renewable energy production to building renovation, from the building thermal insulation to the replacement of old equipments.

The Working Group is open to any proposal, positive or negative, from the Unito communitiy or from the local stakeholders.


Prof. Paolo Gambino (Physics Department)

Eng. Andrea Tartaglino (Unito Energy Manager)

Prof. Marcello Baricco (Chemistry Department)

Dr Tommaso Orusa (Department of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Sciences)

Dr. Dario Cottafava (Physics Department)