There is a force more powerful than steam and electricity:
the will.

Fernan Caballero

In this section you can look for all the Historical electrical consumptions for any building of the University of Turin.
There are some interactive graphs where anyone can analyze, compare and download the dataset or directly the customized graphs.

Monitoring Dashboard

Available Interactive Graphs

Single Building Analysis

Historical trends: look for the electrical consumption of any single site of UNITO and any past year in the period 2010-2014.

Different Year Comparison

Different Year, same site: Comparison for any single site of UNITO between two different years.

Different Building Comparison

Same year different Sites: look and compare how one department behaves with respect the others.

Total Electrical Consumption

Some different type of Annual report of all the sites of UNITO: Active Energy, Reactive Energy, Total Cost and time Bands consumption Comparison and so on.

Scatter Method Comparison

The scatter method is a general approach able to compare different buildings with a wide range of consumption and technical details like Area and Volume. This method shows a comparison based on Absolute consumption (on y-axis) and the consumption per meter square (on x-axis) and it allows to quickly identify the most inefficient buildings.