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Unito building stock counts over one hundred of building sites all around the city of Turin and in Piedmont Region. Moreover, the Unito stock is composed by buildings with different architectural features and different aims: from historical building built in the XVIII century up to the newer Campus Luigi Einaudi, built in 2012, from research centers up to hospitals and offices. During last year, a deep analysis in energy wasting has been done, with the collaboration of the Technical Direction. Throughout this study, UNITO has been faced to several issues: the inhomogeneities of data set, the lack of some user-friendly and immediate tools for data visualization and analysis, the lack, for historical sites, of modern equipment for an efficient management and, finally, the inadequate user awareness about sustainability issues. In absence of centralized tools for building automation, energy efficiency and the Green House Gases reduction can be only improved thanks to a simultaneous work on technical direction, energy stakeholders and users. At this purpose a large scale interactive web application has been developed. Starting from historical data consumption visualization, several energy wasting has been identified: reactive energy wasting, light timing broken, wrong time schedule in the Heating, ventilation and air conditioning and in technical equipment. Online Open Data tools, and real time monitoring, can improve user awareness and their engagement in sustainability issues, can support energy manager job and can simplify the energy wasting identification and the energy management in large building stock. A generalization of the Unito building stock can represent, thanks to its intrinsic heterogeneity, larger building stocks from city scale until regional or state level.

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